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Faculty Speakers Bureau

Faculty Speakers BureauThe Faculty Speakers Bureau provides regional clubs with an opportunity to host a senior faculty member for a presentation. To view the listing of speakers available during the coming year 2010-2011 click here. You will be quite impressed by the variety and depth of the areas covered.

When regional clubs want to schedule a speaker, the club president and the executive board should generate a list of three or four names in order of preference and contact the director of the program, Tom Cadigan '02, by email ( or at 508-793-2418.

If special interest or affinity groups have a particular professor or topic in mind, they should contact the director of the program about the possibility of arranging a speaking engagement.

It is very important that the process of arranging for a speaker begin at least three to four months before an event takes place. Presentations must be arranged around faculty teaching schedules, and planning at the local level requires time to find a suitable date and location for the event.

As a rule the best times for scheduling a presentation are between September 15 and November 15 and between January 15 and April 20. The beginning and ending of both semesters are very busy times for faculty.

Alumni Relations will cover travel and overnight accommodations for the speaker. The local clubs are expected to cover local travel and meals.