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Alumni Association Committees

The Alumni Association (HCAA) was established to assist in the promotion of the welfare of the College of the Holy Cross and all alumni are invited to join in this effort by participating in the activities of the Alumni Association. The Alumni Association has numerous committees to achieve this goal as well as serve the specific needs of alumni. Some committees are for the management of the business and routine affairs of the Alumni Association and others are service or event oriented

Also, some committees specifically serve current Holy Cross students such as the Bishop Healy Committee or College departments such as the Admissions Office by the Book Prize Committee. Alumni Association events and Regional Club activities are just two areas through which Alumni can become involved, assist the Alumni Association , further the mission of the College and meet many other active Holy Cross alumni. All alumni are members of the Alumni Association and are encouraged to become involved in its committees. To join one of the Alumni Association committees or to inquire about a specific committee's activities please contact one of the Alumni Association Officers or the Alumni Relations Office.