Why Give?

Because it makes a difference

For generations Holy Cross has educated students who have become principled leaders in public and professional life in America and around the world.

Gifts designated for current-use (Holy Cross Fund) are utilized immediately to support varied opportunities for student development. Current-use gifts also help us to provide financial aid to today's students; to fund faculty research and to meet the College's current and growing needs. Holy Cross has reaffirmed our commitment to meeting the full demonstrated financial need of all accepted students. The College is also committed to attracting and retaining the very best faculty, so that our students can benefit from their expertise and guidance. Current-use gifts give the College flexibility to respond to immediate financial needs.

In order to have an immediate impact, we invite donors to consider making current-use gifts to the Holy Cross Fund. Current-use gifts may also be targeted more specifically to underwrite financial aid or support faculty.

Monies raised for the Holy Cross Fund contribute to 5 percent of the total sources of funds for the 2014 fiscal year budget.

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