Current-Use: Financial Aid

Financial Aid Facts

  • Holy Cross is one of a select group of colleges that are need-blind in admissions and meeting 100 percent of demonstrated need.  Nearly two-thirds of all students receive some form of aid and more than half receive College-provided grants that do not have to be repaid.  In this year's enrolling class, approximately half received a Holy Cross grant or scholarship averaging approximately $30,000.

Gifts at Work for Students

Henry Van Damme '14Henry Van Damme '14
Henry Van Damme has jumped eagerly into his college career at Holy Cross. He is thankful for the Holy Cross experience he's had so far which has allowed him to be a varsity athlete while also enjoying the freedom to explore and engage with ideas and people at the College. Learn more about Van Damme's experience at Holy Cross »

Stephanie Ortiz '14Stephanie Ortiz '14
Stephanie Ortiz is very grateful for the financial assistance she's received from Holy Cross. This "gift" has provided her with the opportunity to pursue a liberal arts education and fulfill her dreams of working and teaching within the deaf community. Learn more about Ortiz's Holy Cross experience »