Parents Fund

Parents Fund What is the Parents Fund?

The Parents Fund is a way for parents to provide essential, current-use resources to support the College. Last year, 1,100 current and past parents gave $1.2 million to Holy Cross; of that amount, $500,000 was designated for the Parents Fund.

Why am I being asked to contribute when I already make tuition payments?

Full tuition only covers about 67 percent of the actual annual cost to educate a student at Holy Cross. Today's students benefit from the donations given by alumni, parents, and friends, which help to offset the remaining cost. With the decline in endowment revenue, Holy Cross is relying on donor generosity - more than ever - to help sustain the high standard of academic excellence for which the College has always been known.

Is my gift really that important?

Yes, every gift is important. Last year gifts from parents ranged from $10 to $100,000. Participating in the Fund provides parents a way to be part of the mission. In addition, corporations and foundations consider the participation rates of stakeholders as a criterion for their own support. Every gift counts.

How can I become involved?

Parents are a very important part of the Holy Cross family. You can participate by giving to the Holy Cross Parents Fund, by being ambassadors for the College, and by joining us at Holy Cross events. To learn more about being involved, please contact the Director of Parent Leadership Giving Aaron McGarry at 508-793-2370 or email