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B.J. Cassin '55
B.J. Cassin '55

Jay Clarke '88

Jim and Mary Collins '87
Jim Collins '87
Mary M. Collins '87

Dr. Joseph Coyle '65
Joseph Coyle '65

Lisa Taylor '96
Lisa Taylor '96

Maria Eugenia Ferré Rangel '89
Maria Ferré '89

Crusader Chronicles

Chi Bang '97

"Chi began his career as a personal trainer in Boston in 1998, a year after graduating from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA with a degree in pre-med. After splitting time training and working in hospitals and other facets of the health industry, he decided to fore-go medical school and turn his efforts toward personal training full-time. In personal training, Chi found something he loved, valued, and enjoyed, and that served to fulfill what he desired most in wanting to become a physician: the ability to help people." -

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