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Alumni Resume Review Request

Alumni Resume Review Request
Alumni Resume Review Request

Thank you for expressing interest in having your resume reviewed as part of the Alumni Resume Review Program.  In this collaborative process, you will be paired with a professional to assist you in updating your resume based on your goals.

Please note, this is not a resume writing service.  We will offer advice and guidance, but will not write resumes for alumni.  If you would like to hire a professional resume writer, then please contact Alumni Career & Professional Development for recommendations of private resume writers (

Resume Review Process:

STEP 1: First Revision- Upon registering to have your resume reviewed, you will be notified of your reviewer and receive a handout that outlines best practices for writing resumes today. Please use the advice in this handout to make a first revision of your resume.

STEP 2: Schedule Your Review- After updating your resume based on the guidelines from the handout, you will schedule a time to meet with your reviewer via Zoom or phone.

STEP 3: Resume Review-  In this live session via Zoom or phone, your resume will be reviewed based on three criteria: format, content and impact.

Format: Is your resume clearly laid out and easy to read quickly? Is there a balance of text and white space?

Content: Is your resume written with your target audience in mind? Do you highlight accomplishments and outcomes in your bulleted statements?

Impact: Does your resume portray you as the competent, successful, and talented professional that you are?

STEP 4: Second Revision- Utilize the information from the resume review to update your resume a second time. Send an updated copy to your reviewer for a final review.

STEP 5: Final Review & Polish- Your reviewer will review your updated resume and share a final set of edits via email to help you polish your resume. The edits will cover the same three categories: format, content and impact (see above).

Questions? Contact Maura Sweeney '07, director of Alumni Career & Professional Development at

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